Stratonikeia ;

Imagine an ancient city that people are still living around Roman,Byzantium and Ottoman ruins.It is still an alive village and daily life is going on around ruins.The city was founded in 3c BCE by Seleucid commander Antiochus I to honor of his former stepmother and later wife Stratonikeia.The city was flourished in Roman times and they built monumental buildings.It was a place where gladiators were trained,did demonstrations and spent their life after retirement.Although population of the city decreased gradually in early years of Byzantines,with arrival of Turks in 11c the city again heavily populated.Ottoman Turks built their mansions that is still used by locals.

Walking along the village is a unique experience as if travelling in a time tunnel that you can see many structures from Hellenistic,Roman,Ottoman and Turkish Republican period.

Unlike any other ancient sites Strotenikeia was in use as a settlement up until today.

The first scientific excavations began in 1977.Since 2008,researchers,excavations and restorations have been carried out by Prof.Dr. Bilal Sogut.