Perga was one of the largest ancient city in Antalya.It was founded by Pergamums as a colony around 300 BC and flourished under Roman rule.It has second best preserved stadium in Turkey,after Afrodisias,it dates to 2C AD and seated 12,000 people. Its dimensions are 768 ft long and 112 ft wide.The city’ magnificent two round towers Hellenistic city Gates are dating back to 3C BC.This is the gate through which Paul and Barnabas entered the city.

St. Paul the Apostle and his, companion St. Barnabas, twice visited Perga as recorded in the biblical book, the Acts of the Apostles, during their first missionary journey, where they "preached the word" before heading for and sailing from Attalia (modern-day Antalya city), 9.3 mi to the southwest, to Antioch. Paul and Barnabas came to Perge during their first missionary journey, but probably stayed there only a short time, and do not seem to have preached there; it was there that John Mark left Paul to return to Jerusalem. On his return from Pisidia, Paul preached at Perge.

At Perga John Mark left Paul and Barnabas for an unnamed reason(Acts 13:13).Scholors suggested that Paul had contracted malaria and desired to move inland to a more favorable climate and that Mark objected to this change of plans and left for Jerusalem.Another possibility is that Mark’s role as a helper was principally for his cousin Barnabas.When Paul assumed leadership of the party in Cyprus,Mark resented the subordination of Barnabas on the ministry team.