Miletus once a port city,like Ephesus,is 6 miles away from Aegean sea today.Actually it was a peninsula located on trade routes that makes the city wealthy.As being very talented sailors,they established 90 colonies on Blacksea,northern Turkey.By the 6 C BC Miletus was the most prosperousGreek city in Anatolia an done of the first cities to mint coins.Miletus was also home of several famous ancient philosophers in th7-6 C BC.Thales originated scientific thought,Anaximender was a great early speculative thinker.Also Isıdoros who was one of the architect of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul,was from Miletus.

After destroyed by Persians,philosophers,architects,artisans immigrated to Athens,so golden age of Anatolia passed from Miletus to Greece.

St. Paul stopped at Miletus at the end of his third journey around AD 57.Here he made a moving speech to the elders of Ephesus who had traveled to Miletus to meet him.(Acts 20:18-38).Paul also stopped in Miletus on his final Anatolian journey before his death in Rome.He left his companion Tromphimus sick in the city ( Timothy 4:20).

Take a look one of the largest temple in Anatolia ; The Apollo Oracle at Didyma. It is 10 miles away from Miletus city.It was an oracle centre in Anatolia,like Delphi in Greece.With its enormous 124 columns reach at 60 feet in height,it was the place where ancient people visit to learn about their future.