The splendor and flavors of Silk Road still flourish on the stone streets of Mardin.A storybook town perched on top of mountain overlooking Mesopotamia,Mardin represents an amazing mix of architecture from the Seljuk and Ottoman periods.Walk among the ancient shops of jewellers and craftsmen,taste test the syrupy pastries of bakers in the bazaar,or take a look into the arched caravanserai-a road side inn where camel caravans and merchants once rested on their trade routes across Asia.Follow local custom by grabbing a chair at a little cafe in the heart of Mardin’s historic distrit  for a cup of Menengiç,a ‘coffee’ drink made of roasted wild pistachios.

Monastry of Deyruzzaferan must be in your visit-list where Syrian Orthodox monks are still living there.