Istanbul offers a treasure collection of cultural and historical riches,having hosted many notable civilizations.In fact Istanbul served as the capital of Romans,Byzantines and Ottoman Empires for 16 centuries.Moreover,Istanbul lies across two continents-Europe and Asia-makes the city has a unique location on two continents.With its 2,500 years of history combined with lively atmosphere,Istanbul is a city you must visit.We organize private Istanbul tours depending on your interest.

Major attractions include historical mosques,palaces and museums.Here is the most visited places at Istanbul ;

Hagia Sophia means Holy wisdom , was the first and the largest church of the world that was completed and officially opened by Emperor Justinian at December 27, 537 A.D.The edifice was designed by architects Isidoros and Anthemios, they built the largest dome of the world that 105 feet (32 m) in diameter and 185 feet (56 m) in lenght that means statue of Liberty at NYC can fix under the dome of Hagia Sophia.The building was used as a Greek Orthodox Church for 916 years,turned into mosque at 1453 by Ottoman Sultan Mehmet and used as a mosque for 481 years,it was turned into museum at 1934, since July 24, 2020 it has been used as a mosque.

Topkapi Palace;It was the administration center of Ottoman Empire where Sultan’s family and royalty were living from 1460s to 1856 until Dolmabahce Palace completed.It has 4 courtyard in rectangle shape that covers an area about 700,000 m2 (173 acres). The palace complex has hundreds of rooms and chambers where the most special and important Ottoman collections are in exhibition such as; Ottoman clothing,weapons,treasury,armors and religious relics.

Blue Mosque;located opposite of Hagia Sophia,the imperial mosque was completed between 1609-1616,which is called Sultan Ahmet Camii by locals,who was the benefactor of the mosque.Inside of the mosque is decorated approximately 20,000 hand-painted turquoise glazed ceramics in 60 different tulip patterns.With 200 stained glass windows and 6 minarets,it is one of the most visited place at Istanbul.

Hippodrome;built in 4c AD,it was one of the most important social place where chariot races and circus organized that was 1,476 ft (450 mt) long and 427 ft (130 mt) wide with a seating capacity of 100,000 spectators.Today no seats have been left from Hippodrome but some of the monuments are still standing such as;Obelisk,Serpent Column and column of Constantine.

Basilica Cistern;discovered by Dutch traveler P. Gyllius in 16 c.,It was one of the main water supply of downtown of the city of Constantinople.Dating back to 6th C. AD,the cistern had a capable of holding 80,000 cubic meters of water (21 million galloons of water) that means avarage water consumption of 70,000 households.

Grand Bazaar;It is one of the largest and oldest covered market in the world dating to 1461.With over 4,000 shops and 61 streets,It attracts 300,000 visitors daily.One can easily get lost among mystic jewelleries,souvenirs,antiques,textiles and beautiful handmade rugs.

Istanbul Archaeology Museum;opened by Ottoman painter and archaeologist Osman Hamdi bey in 1891,it houses many special and important relics from Ottomans lands.One of the most special and popular relic is so-called ‘sarcophagus of Alexander the Great’.Dating back to 4th C BC , colors can still be seen on high-reliefs of the sarcophagus.Also the first recorded international treaty of Kadesh that was signed between Hittites and Egyptians is in exibition at Museum of Ancient Orient section.

Dolmabahce Palace;was designed by Armenian Balyan family and built between 1843-1856 located on the European coast of Bosphorus strait.It was served as a main administrative center of Ottoman Empire from 1856 to 1887.The palace was designed in contemporary style,luxury and comfort that costed 35 tonnes of gold which is 1,9 billion dollars in todays currency.See world’s largest Bohemian crystal chandelier and largest Hereke palace carpets.

Having a private sailing on the Bosphorus,the narrowest strait in the world connecting Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara,is another popular day excursion in Istanbul.

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