Iconium,modern name Konya,is one of the oldest occupied cities in the world dating to 3 M BC.It became an important Roman colony in Augustus time sometime soon after 25 BC.The name of the city originate from ‘Icon’ that in Christian times it was famous for beautiful icons.

A church was founded in the city during  Paul’s first journey(Acts 14:1).He later visited the city on his second journey(Acts 16:12) and most probably on his third journey  also (Acts 18:23). In Iconium Paul experienced great suffering and persecution.(2 Timothy 3:11)

Today just a few archeological remains can be seen because modern city of Konya sits atop ancient Iconium.Northwest od Konya in Sille there is a well preserved Roman bridge.Sille is also home of recently restored St. Helena Church which is said to have been built by Constantine’s mother Helena in AD 327 while making a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

Other than biblical importance of the city,it has one of the earliest settlement in the world; Catalhoyuk.A village dating back to 6,000 BC,it is the largest and best preserved Neolithic site ever found.Twelve levels have been explored.The village was populated by around 5000 to 8000 people who lived in mud brick houses. It was designated  Unesco World Heritage Sites in 2012.