Walking through 2th C. A.D columned marble streets…Seeing ancient fountains,temples,shops and breathtaking library of Celcius.As you keep walking,the city will amaze you and speak how mighty it was at the past.Whether you do a land tour in Turkey or shore excursion from your cruiseship that dock at port town of Kusadasi,visit first Ephesus before weather temprature goes up.Start your private tour from upper gate of Ephesus,walk down through magnificent ruins and exit from lower gate.

Ephesus is the best preserved Roman city in Turkey, attracts millions of visitors every year.Once it was a port city and flourished under the Roman rule and became the largest city of Anatolia(name of land of Turkey) with a population over 200,000 people in the 2th C AD.The unique location of the city made it very defendable.The port of the city made it prosperous.Temple of Artemis,one of seven wonders of ancient world,made it religious centre of Roman world.When walking through 2c AD,you will amaze how the city was once so rich and elaborately decorated with fountains and temples.With its amazing reconstructed library of Celcus,largest ancient theatre of Anatolia,the city of Ephesus must seen place in Turkey.One of the most special place in the city is Terrace Houses where the rich were living.With its beautiful floor mosaics and wall paintings,dating back to 3th C AD,Terrace houses are making the difference from Pompei.

Do not skip to see beautiful statue of Artemis at Selcuk/Ephesus Museum.

House of Virgin Mary,located on Bulbul (Nightingale) Mountain,is another most visited place around Ephesus.It is believed that she spent her last years at that house.

Basilica of St. John the Apostle,located on Ayasuluk Hill,has a  wonderful view to ancient harbor of Ephesus.It is believed that St.John was buried here.Today 6th C  A.D Basilica welcomes you.