Let us take you through rich cuisine of the country that has been blended with Turkish ,Ottoman and Mediterranean culinary.Follow heady scent of herbs of Spice Market in Istanbul,take a sip traditional Turkish black tea and taste delicious different types of Turkish delights.
When strolling down on Istiklal Street ,let yourself taste street foods of Istanbul;Turkish kebaps,dürüms( Turkish wrap that is usually filled with typical dönerkebap) ,roasted chestnuts,stuffed mussels then grab one of chairs of a coffee house,get your Turkish coffee.After drink it all(not the bottom,it’s grounds) turn the cup down,make a wish and wait until it gets cool and learn your future from fortune tellers!!

After walking around fairy chimneys of Cappadocia , let yourself spoil with local cuisine that is  woodfire-cooked in traditional potteries.Do not miss to taste Capadocian wines;Bogazkere,Kara Dimrit and Narince wines.

Wander on the streets of Bodrum with cool breeze in the afternoon and take sit at a fish restaurant,enjoy with olive oiled mezes(appetiszers) .Drink your raki slowly (twice disitilled grapes and aniseed,Turkish Ouzo) when enjoying with your grilled fresh fish.