With forested mountains,turquoise waters,sandy beaches it is pearl of Aegean.It is the most popular holiday destination in Turkey with many luxury hotels.Walk through narrow streets and enjoy at wonderful fish restaurants with many olive oiled mezes(appetizers).Your private tour to Bodrum starts at Bodrum Castle then have your lunch at a spectacular fish restaurant at Gumusluk.

Bodrum;once called Halicarnassus was the birthplace of Herodotus(485-425 BCE) who is well known as ‘father of history’.His work ‘Historia’ is a very important source of information about his time and ancient cities.He travelled to Mesopotamia,Palestine,Egypt , Northern Africa,Greece and Italy and recorded all he saw at his book and died at the south of Italia,Thurri city.

The town of Bodrum also houses the first and largest underwater archaeology museum of the world that located at the castle of St. Peter(Bodrum Castle).With great effort of an American traveller&journalist Peter Throckmorton,the castle has been turned into museum at 1962.See ancient shipwrecks and their cargo that consist of glass parfume bottles,amphoras,coppers,tins,ostrich eggs and many interesting relics.

Bodrum is also very famous with Gulets,traditional handcrafted sailing yatches.For more information please check Gulet Voyages page.